Prosthetic Eyes & Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Dixon Hempenstall Opticians specializes in high-quality custom ocular prosthetics, artificial eyes, prosthetic eyes, and scleral shells. We pride ourselves in being known for our exceptional quality, personalized care and attention to detail. It is a privilege to guide our patients through the entire restoration process.

Artificial Eyes

An artificial eye is an ocular prosthesis that is worn full-time, restoring the volume and appearance of a missing eye. Each prosthesis is custom-made using the patient as a model. This personalized approach results in symmetry, maximized movement and an exact color match. We make every effort to ensure each patient receives the best possible ocular prosthesis and cosmetic result. Patients report that artificial eyes are quite comfortable, greatly improving self-esteem and their sense of wholeness. The prosthetic is also medically necessary, allowing for eyelid and drainage functions.

Scleral Shells

A scleral shell is an ocular prosthesis that is worn over an existing eye. The shell fits like a large contact lens covering the front surface of the eye globe. It moves with the existing eye and is fit so that the eyelid openings are symmetrical.

Patients who wear a scleral shell are usually able to wear it full time, removing it once or twice per month for cleaning. Other patients prefer to wear their shell during the day, removing it at night.

Many who have tried to wear a prosthetic lens or colored contact lens have had great success wearing a scleral shell. We can fit a scleral shell over an existing eye, even if it is nearly full sized.


Working with children is one of the most rewarding aspects of our profession. Their positive outlook and contagious smiles are an encouragement to all.
While the loss of an eye is a traumatic event, children can be very resilient and adjust quickly to their loss and to their change in vision. We work with parents to personalize their child’s care so the child is part of the process and is proud of his or her prosthesis. We provide an open atmosphere and a straightforward approach to help children understand what is happening and how things will take place.”